John Rolston
Neurosurgical Resident
Department of Neurological Surgery
University of California, San Francisco


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NeuroRighter is a free Windows-based graphical data acquisition and stimulation control system for multielectrode arrays.  It visualizes acquired data (raw and LFP traces), detects action potentials, and can perform multiple signal processing routines in real time.  It also provides closed-loop and open-loop stimulation control.  The software is open source and written in C#.  See the publications section for more information.

Download the latest release from the NeuroRighter website.

A "living" user manual is available here, hosted by Google.

Note: NeuroRighter requires the National Instruments NI-DAQmx 8.9 device drivers, available for free.

Note that this is a beta version, released under the GNU Public License.  We cannot guarantee that there are no bugs.   We also cannot take responsibility for negative effects installing this software might have on your computer.  However, we encourage you to contact us with all suggestions and bugs found.  We will do our best to rapidly address them.

NeuroRighter Matlab Files

Download these files to load NeuroRighter files into Matlab.  If you installed the NeuroRighter software, you already have these files in the NeuroRighter 'matlab' directory.

NeuroRighter User Group (Google Groups)

NeuroRighter Wiki Site (Google Sites)





SALPA is a stimulus artifact removal filter designed by Daniel Wagenaar and Steve Potter (Wagenaar, Potter 2002; J Neurosci Methods 120(2):113-20). Below is a Matlab implementation.

Download SALPA for Matlab





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