John Rolston
Neurosurgical Resident
Department of Neurological Surgery
University of California, San Francisco


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  NeuroRighter Recording and Stimulation

The NeuroRighter system is a free and open source platform for multielectrode data acquisition and stimulation control.  This hardware is "do-it-yourself," meaning that we provide the layouts, schematics, and parts lists, and you do the assembly.  This results in substantial cost savings.  For example, a 64-channel NeuroRighter hardware and software system costs less than $10,000.  See the publications section for more information.




Assembly Instructions

See the NeuroRighter Wiki Site for detailed instructions.



Layouts and Schematics

In vivo

In vitro (requires a MultiChannel System preamplifier)

  NeuroRighter User Group (Google Groups)

NeuroRighter Wiki Site (Google Sites)

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